The Carlton Fund exists to provide funding for the various projects created and maintained by Danny Carlton. Mr. Carlton is a talented, freelance web developer with a desire to use his abilities in the pursuit of helping others. Each project was created with the goal to provide more of the resources available on the internet to people who need them.

The Rare Disease Projects provide a source of connectivity to people who would normally not be able to establish or maintain communication with others dealing with the same condition. Currently roughly 300 to 400 people worldwide use the site CongenitalAdrenalHyperplasia.org. Numerous participants have claimed it has saved lives by providing information, community and encouragement to people facing difficult situations. It is hoped that with funding the same resources provided on the CAH site can also be offered to people suffering from an additional 1,175 rare conditions via the proposed site RareDisease.org

The Educational Projects provide unique methods of utilizing the power and versatility of the internet to people needing educational tools. LookListenLearn.org was built around a simple memorization technique developed by Mr. Carlton decades ago, which has proven to be extremely affective to speeding up the learning of lists and matching concepts. BytheFireplace.com is a repository of thousands of public-domain books and short stories. An additional 10,000+ public domain books are available to be added if the project can be funded. Through the site OpenSchoolhouse.org Mr. Carlton hopes to provide the types of collaboration and project management tools available for other professions, to homeschooling parents worldwide, for free.

The Christian Projects provide useful resources for Christians, Churches and ministries. PhpBible.org and phpAV.com have been used by churches and ministries across the globe for almost a decade. It has always been completely free of charge. Additional funding will allow both services to be upgraded with newer web technologies and promoted to many more churches and organizations for use on their web sites. SaltandLightCMS.org is a proposed Church oriented Content Management System. The hope is that it will allow many churches to build a robust, versatile web presence without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive designers and programmers. NotForsaking.com will be a map-based database of Churches across the world. The goal is to provide a means by which people new to an area can quickly find a church that fits their personal criteria (teachings, worship style, etc.)