Projects: Christian / and have been used by churches and ministries across the globe for almost a decade. It has always been completely free of charge. Additional funding will allow both services to be upgraded with newer web technologies and promoted to many more churches and organizations for use on their web sites.



Proposed changes include...


  • templating for more customized look


  • more extensive use of ajax


  • Hebrew/Greek fonts that are more widely compatible


  • mobile and tablet versions of phpBible


Some of the proposed changes have already been implimented on the initial demo at is a proposed Church oriented Content Management System. The hope is that it will allow many churches to build a robust, versatile web presence without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive designers and programmers. will be a map-based database of Churches across the world. The goal is to provide a means by which people new to an area can quickly find a church that fits their personal criteria (teachings, worship style, etc.)