Projects: Educational

The site was built as a tool for homeschoolers, but it has also been used by traditionally schooled families to help their children advance in learning. The quizzing feature is based on a system used by Mr. Carlton in college, that allowed him to quickly learn and memorize lists. It works by presenting each question with a list of possible choices. If the correct anwer is chosen then that question is set aside. However if the wrong answer is chosen then that question is inserted back into the list of questions. The process ends only when all questions have been answered correctly.



While the design remains fresh and more than functional, the various elements of the site utilize technology that is fairly old. The arithmetic pages use javascript, but would function more efficiently as flash or even HTML5. The quizzing pages are also using much older technology which is no longer compatible with some browsers.



Proposed changes are...


  • registration and customization to allow parents or teachers to create their own quizzes, as well as track and monitor students' progress


  • newer audio technology for language quizzes


  • An API (Advanced Programmer's Interface) so the quizzes can be displayed and taken on other sites is an online library of 1,775 books and 1,193 short stories all in the public domain. The design of the pages is intended to recreate the look of an old book, with contrast measured for ease on the eye. The collection of books is a useful addition to homeschool curriculum.



The Visually Impaired version was developed with the assistants of several blind consultants to ensure ease of use for reading systems utilized by the blind and visually impaired. It remains one of the few freely available online libraries optimized for the Visually Impaired.


Proposed changes are...


  • redesign for ease of use


  • tablet version


  • more intuitive members system for bookmarking


  • addition and formatting of an additional collection of 20,000 unformatted, public domain books

The Open Schoolhouse Project will be an attempt to provide the resources of a typical project management/collaboration tool specifically to homeschoolers and other educators. By treating each subject as a project, the normal project heirarchy can be applied to the teaching method. Typically project management tools allow project to be divided into todo lists, which are then divided into list items, which can in some instances be divided even further. So a Math class can be divided into chapters (todo lists) then assignments (list items) each with due dates, comments by both the student and teacher, resources (online books, online testing resources, videos) and even "whiteboards" for class participation.



Utlimately the goal is to provide a connection point between teachers and students, which could even mean students having the opportunity to choose from a large pool of teachers world-wide.